In June, Italy’s borders will open again to tourists


On 3 May, Italy entered coronavirus outbreak management phase 2 and the country has since been reopening gradually. With restaurants , stores, museums and gyms, Italy is now close to opening its doors to foreign visitors once more.

Italy will start accepting visitors again on 3 June after suspending all international travel at the start of the lockdown. There will be no need for a car permit such as the one that Italians have been carrying around these past few months, so visitors will not be asked to quarantine when they arrive in Italy.

The first visitors to be invited back would be residents of the European Union and of the Schengen Zone, as well as Monaco and Switzerland, according to the latest bill outlining all Phase 2 moves. If all goes according to plan, citizens from other non-EU countries will be able to fly to Italy on 15th June. And in Italy, museums, pubs, restaurants and beach resorts are all working to keep the security measures up-to – date to ensure that during their holidays everyone can take social space.

The ultimate objective for the countries of the European Union is to reopen borders fairly, more or less at the same time , to ensure that people can move as freely as possible – particularly between areas with low COVID-19 cases. At present, the expectation is that by mid-June, in time for the summer season, people will be able to travel about inside the Union.


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